Reach the sky!

(Freedom to live..freedom to fly )

When I first opened my eyes

I saw my mother cry

All day long I watched her fly

And I dreamt to rule the sky
She said,
It’s just a matter of time
My future ready to shine
And then,
The two legged souls
trapped me and had me sold
For I know, I’m not going to see the sun
Within this cage, ain’t no fun
I’m a free bird, meant to fly
With my beautiful wings,
I wish to die
There is no room for my happiness
And my future’s at stake
Is being beautiful, a mistake ?
Just because I was endorsed
I’m not a toy that can be adorned
Each day, when the sun rises
It enlightens me with a new hope
that one day I’d fly
fly till eternity
without worldly lie
you can have me,
but not my soul
I may not fly,
But I may crawl
This isn’t my end and goodbye
God, please come and let me fly
As you never showed me the sky!!

Freedom is never given, it is won!



Love is in the air, we say

But do we feel that way?

A lad kissing a mother

A friend sharing a chocolate

A couple taking it further

Breaking promises to a mate

many forms a love may take

we live in a world,

where love meets need

And we all take it as a 21st century greed

Looking outside the window, I learn

Love is a promise you make to yourself

Where you give BIRTH to yourself

Start following your heart, I say

You never know what comes your way

Ignite a spark

that your shadow follows even in the dark

Defining yourself is of great honor

For you know,

You’ve always loved the MIRROR!                                                                        

Loving yourself, you’ve nothing to pay

Love is in the air,

Yes! I feel it that WAY!!


Top 5 reasons why Nokia didn’t go for Android.

When Nokia decided to choose Windows OS, it was not ready. Android at that time was already doing great. Had Nokia been gone for Android, it would be totally a different story. The story that would might reveal the Nokia’s biggest failure. If you’re a Nokia lover and you still can’t understand why Nokia’s CEO decided to choose Windows OS, trust me you’ll love Nokia even more.

Here are top 5 reasons-

1. Android Competition: Android isn’t a significant win either when you consider that other OEMs are struggling and the only success story is Samsung. How would Nokia compete with a company on the same software platform when they have to deal with a company that owns its own manufacturing plants and carrier relationships that are on par with Apple? At this point, software is the only differentiator, and Nokia clearly had knowledge of the roadmap of Windows Phone including Windows Phone 8, as far back as December 2010.

2. Relationship with Microsoft: It should be noted that Microsoft is supporting Nokia financially to help them through this transition. Google would not have (and they already bought Motorola, so there’s no free cash to buy Nokia). I would assume that there is an understanding between the two companies in terms of further financial support besides the $1 billion pledged during this transition period, including a potential minority stake in the company.

3. Money minded Google: It’s also been rumored that Google would not have let Nokia integrate their services as tightly into their phones like Nokia Maps and still given them their blessing (aka access to Google Play). Google makes money through ads in its apps, which would have deprived them of revenue and info about their users. Google has already complained when services like Skyhook were integrated into the platform and Google denied certification of the phone for Google Apps access (it’s the only control the company has over Android OEMs).

4. Not like another Android phone: It’s not as simple as going with Android and they would have succeeded. It is often implied that sales would have been better, but with carrier partnerships playing such a huge role, especially in the United States, selling yet another Android phone doesn’t make you stand out. Many have said that the design of the HTC One X was beautiful, but because HTC lacked strong carrier partnerships, it only came out on AT&T, with a modified version on Sprint, again missing the largest carrier Verizon. In fact, HTC seems to have been shunned by Verizon, with last winters marketing largely going to the Droid RAZR instead of the HTC Rezound (first 720p display in the US).

5.Non Finnish CEO: Elop is an ex-Microsoft, he has better relationships with MS than Google and can make sure Nokia can have a lovely partnership with MS.

An appeal to all my readers Nokia is known for its hardware components and Microsoft is known for its software. Merging the two, you get a powerful, stylish Nokia handset. If you’re a Android user, try using Windows phone, Trust me you will not regret it and somehow praise me!

Apologies to all those who had recently got an Android phone. Sorry for posting it late.

Wanna cry out loud!!

When the vision disappears;

The end seems near;

When words back out;

And there’s no way out.

 Fear walks in,

 And I freak out

Yes i fail to search

But I do feel this urge

I wanna cry out loud,

Wanna cry out loud. 


My World’s full of doubts

And I hear no sounds.

When the pain feels real,

And the heart sheds tears

I may look out for peace,

But what would I achieve.

And I still fail to search

Why I still feel this urge,

I wanna cry out loud;

Wanna cry out loud.


Got stuck in the clouds,

And I see no ground,

Heading down so hard,

And this world seems so harsh.


When my love is not mine

And I don’t see no signs.


The breaths left are some,

And the heartbeats are numb,

The Light brings no fun,

When the dark beats the sun,

They say, The Real men don’t cry.

But ain’t the real world a lie?

not at all proud,

But I am crying out loud,

Crying out loud…..

My Dad’s Tribute

Beyond my dad’s love to me, he gave me all the comforts.I love him to the
core and I would love to pay him back not just because what he did for me ;its my countless love for him.I want to hear such words with his puffed up chest proudly speaking “Meet my son Sanchit Jain”

                                                  KOTA: EDU.HUB CITY
yes! This is me..I was preapring for IIT. My dad had set up my mind and I
too was mentally prepared for it.
With the passing of year 2009 my results were crap and this made my dad to
bring me back to my home town as JEE was appearing far away from me.But I
took steps AGAINST him keeping a promise that I ‘ll do well.And in no time
2010 being welcomed, Finally done with my boards;all thanks to my special
bro whom I gonna introduce you later!
                                                          HEY! ARE YOU SELECTED?
To everyone’s concern it was the time of results; which I suppose every
student hates it.
“Sorry you are not selected”were the words I had to face. I was criticised
by my dad and my complete family.With being cutting off with all I was
totally lost.Surely one man was there with me; my bro Manu Jain and somehow
he traced me back into the world.
                                                          BLIND BY HEART
Everyone sees the result and no one cares how I struggled my 2 years..Its me
and only me can know.I worked hard harder, yed I did!!
                                                       STANDING ON MY FOOT
Time to prove myself..

Hey dad! something waiting outside right there in front of the gate.
A Royale car…
aah!! he got a very BIG smile on his face; I can hear it.
Wel car was not a present for me; it’s his priceless smile!!

Two Minds !!

Keep asking GOD……Why me?
Am I the only one
Left with none
Or is my destiny that is all shun
Keep asking GOD…..Why me?
See people with branded clothes
Luxury cars and perfumated wardrobes
Dine in 5 star hotels
Gulping wine and gallons of mocktails
Keep asking GOD…….Why me?
People with pennies struggling to live
Work for food; drenched in pain
Hardly matters; all in vain
People like us make them poor
A little sum they have; is all they shear
Looking outside window; I learn
Every night is followed by day
Where there is a will; there is a way
Being on earth; is itself a gift
Believe in yourself; is the ultimate lift
Perceive others like what we receive
Target your aim like an eagle’s eye
And the world will cry when you die!

HOLOGRAPHY: A step towards Revolution

Welcome to the world of holography, a technique which displays objects or scenes in 3 dimensions without an unassisted eye.Holography falls under telepresence which is a set of technologies that give people an impression of being present at a place other than true location.Pretty much like video conferencing and video telephony,two technologies which are widely used today but in 3D.
It involves multiple high definition cameras taking pictures of a real scene simultaneously, every second.These pictures are are wadded into data packages, which are transmitted to a holographic system through internet. Each data package which refreshes every 2 seconds, is encoded into lasers which are beamed onto a special polymer sheet.This creates a live 3D projection – a hologram – of a real time scene in a different location.  
The holo- Tupac was made possible by using a modern 3D version of the Pepper’s technology, which was used by magicians during the Victorian age to create optical illusions.The Tupac ‘deleb’ took many months to develop and as its creators state,the process doesn’t use the artist’s archival footage. It is completely digital.



Music world: Music festivals are known to leave indelible memories in the minds of fans. Music and art festival ,which took place last week in California, will remember it as more than a musical extravaganza.Tupac Shakur,an American rapper return to stage after two decades.




National Security: Countries use this technology to negotiate with terrorists or as tax stamps to prevent tax evasion.


Medical Stream: Doctors can use them to perform surgeries across the globe.


Education: Professors can teach in more than one class at the same time and scientists  from various countries can conduct research sitting in their own lab. Infact,some airports in france & britain already carrying out an experiment where 3D projections of the staff guide travellers

HOLOGRAPHY holds immense promise for revolutionising our daily lives. For now we are off to explore how we can send our holograms to work while we attend Tupac’s next gig.


RATAN TATA :At the 2008 launch of nano, TATA MOTORS chairman RATAN TATA beamed himself up as a hologram to introduce the car.